August 31, 2017

VAT Registration Attention to Amazon Sellers

Euro VAT Refund, Inc. receives calls and emails on a daily bases from North American companies that are ready to sell through the Amazon websites in the EU. Amazon generally advise that companies import to, and store goods at their fulfillment warehouses in different EU countries, and from there ship and sell to customers around the EU. Many North American companies are unaware of their VAT registration liabilities in each of these countries, and the associated cost for appropriate VAT compliance. Registration for VAT is required in each country where the goods are to be stored by Amazon. When a North American company begins selling goods on the Amazon platforms within the EU, we generally recommend importing and warehousing goods in one country only as a start. It is possible to register for VAT in one EU country, and import and warehouse goods into this country, and from there sell and ship to customers in the various EU countries. This is the most cost efficient way to ensure appropriate VAT compliance, since the company only has to be registered for VAT in one country.

We are happy to discuss your company's VAT registration reponsibilities, and answer any questions related to VAT when selling on Amazon within the EU. Feel free to contact our VAT experts for further details and information.

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