VAT Number

VAT stands for Value Added Tax.
VAT is a consumption tax in most countries in the world. VAT differs from sales tax in the U.S. in a few ways; VAT is charged at each stage of the supply chain - from production, distribution, all the way to the end consumer. When set-up correctly, VAT should in most cases not become a cost to your company.

A VAT number is an identification number for VAT registered companies.
The U.S. does not have a VAT system, but when required companies may register and report VAT in the EU, UK, Australia and parts of Asia. VAT numbers are approved by tax authorities when your company has business activities in their country that legally require VAT reporting.

Do you need a VAT number?
-Are you selling goods online to the EU or UK?
-Do you ship from one country to another country within Europe?
-Do you own goods in Europe? In a warehouse? Are you the Importer of Record?
-Are you organizing a Conference or Tradeshow? Or a virtual event?

How do I get a VAT number?
Registering for VAT often is very complicated to figure out on your own – EuroVAT is happy to assist. Email or call 310-204-0805 today.


VAT Number


They asked for my VAT number - how do I know if I really need it?
It’s common for a vendor or customer to ask for your company’s VAT number. Sometimes it is a routine question and does not necessarily apply to your situation. Other times, it can be an important question related to if they will charge VAT or not. Call a EuroVAT expert at 310-204-0805 and we can quickly let you know if you need one.

How do I get help?
Our friendly team of VAT experts in California make sure you get your VAT refunds and follow the VAT rules in each country. We teach you how to use your VAT number and to communicate VAT correctly with vendors, clients, representatives and tax authorities. Over the past 25 years EuroVAT’s team of experts successfully assist companies with all reports to the tax authorities.

VAT number means you are responsible for filing VAT reports in that country.
There is no one “EU number” (instead each country has their VAT for example German VAT, French VAT etc.). In certain cases, you register in one country and if set-up correctly that number may be valid in other countries. Email or call 310-204-0805 to find out how.

Is VAT number the same as OSS or I-OSS number?
Sometimes, it depends on your situation.

How long does it take to get a VAT number?
It completely depends on which country you are registering in - tax authorities in Europe may take a few weeks to a couple of months from when we submit your application. Please contact us today to get an estimate or call 310-204-0805.

What should I do in the meantime if I need to ship orders?
There might be a couple of options, call us today and let’s figure it out before you ship.

Can you register for a VAT number without having an establishment in the EU or UK?
Yes, North American companies can sometimes apply for a VAT number without having an office, division or subsidiary. EuroVAT can help determine if you qualify.

Do you need a fiscal representative or an intermediary agent?
If you are a non-EU business (U.S. or Canadian company), you may be required to appoint a local representative or intermediary agent in some countries. EuroVAT has over the past 25 years built an extensive network of partners and resources all over the world.