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Most North American companies that incur Value Added Tax (VAT) on business related expenses in Europe, Australia and Japan are entitled to a VAT refund if they follow the proper VAT reclaim procedures. EuroVAT has the necessary forms, procedures, experience and working relationships to expedite your claims for a prompt and maximized VAT recovery.

Value Added Tax is a consumption tax added to most goods and services in many countries around the world. The national tax systems of Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia allow most non-resident business entities to claim a refund of VAT. Value Added Tax is called by different terminology in different countries. In Canada, VAT is called GST and in Japan it is JCT [see more under Standard Rates below]. VAT refund rules and registration requirements vary from country to country, but most North American business entities will qualify for a refund if they follow the proper procedures. Sometimes, VAT registration may be necessary in order to get the refund.


Eligible items

The VAT rates vary from country to country, and are currently 17% - 27% in Europe, 8% in Japan and 10% in Australia.

Typical Recoverable Expenses are:


VAT Example

VAT can be a substantial portion of your travel expenses.

Example United Kingdom Travel, 20% VAT is added and included in the total hotel bill.

United Kingdom travel expenses of $100,000 might be eligible for up to a $17,000* refund.

*This might look confusing with the different percentages. If we add 20% to $100 we get $120. The $20 we added is now about 17% of the total $120. (20/120)


Reclaim Process

Most North American companies that incur VAT on business related expenses in Europe, Japan and Australia are entitled to a refund. In some instances, VAT registration may be required.

To obtain a refund, a company must submit original VAT invoices to the tax authorities where the expenditures or business transactions incurred. Official application forms in the local language of the country must be completed and submitted along with the original invoices.

Euro VAT Refund makes it convenient for your firm to collect VAT refunds and can manage VAT registration when required. We take care of all communications, interactions and claim filings with local tax authorities, and we understand their unique requirements and customs.

EuroVAT has the necessary forms, procedures, experience and working relationships to expedite your claims for prompt and maximized payment, and help you to structure for future refunds.

We will help you understand how to deal with the very complex VAT rules that are in place in over 100 countries worldwide.


Simple Steps to Proceed with VAT Refunds from the EU

Please contact Euro VAT Refund for more details before starting the VAT refund process since:

  • Not all European countries refund VAT to the US.
  • VAT refundable expenses vary from country to country.
  • VAT registration might be required for some activities.
  • Due to the time consuming task of processing the claims, a minimum fee applies
  • Euro VAT Refund only works with companies and company business expenses.

1. Retrieve all the original invoices.
(Copies, statements or credit card slips will not qualify.)

Examples of refundable expenses: tradeshow expenses, hotels and car rentals, production costs and rentals, and marketing. More details can be found at: Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Some countries require that the invoices above a certain amount have to be issued to company name and corporate address in order to be accepted by the tax authorities.

2. Replace the original invoices with clearly marked copies for your files, so that you know that these originals have been sent to Euro VAT Refund.

Send all originals to:
Euro VAT Refund, Inc.
Attn: VAT Processing
5161 Overland Avenue
Culver City, CA 90230
Phone: 310-204-0805

Include a cover letter with your company's name and address, Federal Tax Id number or corresponding tax number for Canada, and your contact information.

3. Euro VAT Refund will process the invoices, and contact the vendors (with your approval) if any corrections are required on their invoices.

4. Euro VAT Refund will prepare and send the necessary forms to you for your review and signature.

5. The claim will be submitted to local tax authorities in Europe, and Euro VAT Refund will communicate any questions that may arise.

6. Granted refund claims will be paid out by the local tax authorities in about 3-12 months and the funds will be paid to your company minus the Euro VAT Refund commission. The original invoices will be returned to you at that time.

Note: The commission rate can vary depending on the volume of invoices and the amount of VAT to be claimed. There are no upfront fees to start the refund process.


VAT Filing Deadlines

Global Value Added Tax (VAT) Filing Deadlines

Country of
Invovice Dates
Due Foreign
Austria Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
Denmark Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
Finland Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
France Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
Germany Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
Ireland Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
Japan Per Fiscal Quarter On-going Quarterly
Netherlands Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
Sweden Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
Switzerland Jan 1 - Dec 31 asap June 30
United Kingdom July 1 - June 30 September 1 Dec 31


*EuroVAT needs confirmation that your company wish to file before these dates, due to that some forms have to be ordered from IRS. The forms from IRS can in most cases be sent to the foreign tax authorities a few days late, however, we cannot guarantee that the foreign tax authorities will accept late forms, since there are new stricter rules as of this year.

(Additional EU members have substantial reclaimable VAT on non-travel expenses)


VAT Standard Rates

The table below is an example of the overall VAT rates that are charged in some countries as of January 1, 2020.

Country VAT Name
Australia GST
Austria MwSt/USt
13% or 20%
Belgium BTW/TVA
6% or 21%
Denmark Moms
Finland ALV
10% or 24%
France TVA
Germany MwSt/USt
7% or 19%
Ireland VAT
Japan JCT
Netherlands BTW
9% or 21%
Sweden Moms
12% or 25%
United Kingdom VAT


*The standard rate is stated. There can also be reduced rates for some items in some countries.